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What we do

At BLNK we enter any market where we have determined there is something missing. From gaming and clothing to renewable energy we have big ambitions and we're here to make an impact.

We believe people should have access to the best products and services and when necessary, at an affordable price. We realized lots of markets lacked specific services or technology which are needed so we want to change that by entering such markets to empower change.

The BLNK ecosystem is a unique, cross-sector brand for the modern world. We're rethinking how brands operate to take advantage of new opportunities in the digital landscape.

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Why we do it

BLNK is a company who strives to become an integrate part of the world we live in.

We recognize that this day and age there is a huge digital shift within society which is changing how people live on a daily basis. We want to enable anyone whatever their age, gender, location or even social class to have access to products and services which lead to a better life.

We don't just want to produce these products or provide the services, we want to invoke others to also make change. We're taking a different approach to business and work in an open manner.

We understand that lots of our ideas and proposals we have we may not be able to accomplish alone or simply may not be able to achieve our goals, therefore we are open about our future proposals and projects so others can help us with our overall ambition.

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Our stance on privacy

Privacy has become an immense topic in recent years and has become a more frequent concern with users.

We take privacy very seriously and we're determined to not only respect privacy but to also build services to help users become more safe and secure.

Soon we will be releasing more info regarding what we're doing to help, you can also see some of our proposals which focus on this topic.